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Monday, April 21, 2008

How to make convex shapes or Tools from trash (Part 1)

Author: Tania Zakharchenko

Many of my tools are “tools from trash”.
Now I'll discover one of my secrets!

For example, to make this pendant I used one unusual tool.

To make convex shapes I use … bottom of beverage cans!

How to use (technical details):

- various cans have different radius of curvature. Use the same cans for twin pieces (earrings).
- the maximum diameter of piese is approx. 47 - 48 mm, sometimes up to 50 mm.
- Take the piece away before it gets cold.

Work carefully or protect the sharp edges with sticky tape!

Unbaked pieces look like this:

Finally, some of my works (with the use of can bottoms):

to be continued...

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