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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beads in the Form of a Leaf

Author: Tania Zakharchenko

Tutorial: How to make a Beads in the Form of a Leaf such as beads on this photo:

Materials and tools: Piece of Polymer clay, blade, needle, pearl eye shadows (or Pearl-ex) and texture. I used disposable razor for depilation with grooved surface.

Moreover it will be necessary a scrap of glass or CD box, eye shadow applicator, talc powder.

In this tutorial I used Sculpey III Gold.

1. Make a strip of clay from a bit piece of polymer clay 5-6 mm thickness.
A cover of CD box helps to make it.

2. Cut the strip on-the-miter in the rhomb shape…

… for small leaves cut short pieces, for long leaves cut pieces should be longer.
You can see short pieces at right and longest at left in the photo:

3. Put a bit of talc powder to texture to protect an adhesion. Press each piece to texture as it is shown in the photos.

4. Take away leaves from the texture and curve it a form of leaf at the same time. Hold the leaf by “petiole” (right side of the leaf in the photo).

5. Cut off superfluous:

6. Paint the leaves with the eye shadows. Put the paint on the relief parts only. For the gold clay I used the light-beige eye shadow.

7. Mark holes with the think needle, bake and varnish the beads.

You can find some ideas about applications here

Also, I can make a set of the same beads specially for you. Please, find the set of similar beads at my Etsy Shop or contact me. Any colors are available!


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